Stealing Metaphors

I read this line on another blog today here…Big up to the author! Brap!

“And when those cracked bulbs break we aren’t gonna be there”

Sort of cool image yes?

If i use it one of my own sentences…

“Meagre light from a cracked light-bulb shone weakly over the shadowy office desk and shelves…

…Down the hall, the talks had just started and were anticipated as dragging on long into the empty starless night…Ol struck a match on the desks edge and brilliant light danced briefly over the walls throwing dark shadows this way and that before dimming to a small yellow glow with which he lit his cigarette…

Sounds unpractised I guess.

…He pulled open the switched portfolio and removed the signed contract. He put the match to the bottom corner and watched as the flame took hold and hurriedly consumed the classified documents. By the time they discovered it was gone he would be out of the country and back in the arms of his beloved. He grinned, he loved his job…

That was better…I hope what i have done is not plagarism. If anyone knows much about this please post and tell.

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