Life is so Multi-dimensional.

Nothing rhymes with Multi-dimensional.

Ahhem. Cought!

There was once a brown bird

It lived in the sky

There was once an ant

It lived on the ground

There was once an Ipad

It lived in someones hands


Hellow! My name is Andrew…

I am a practising alcoholic

I practice as often as I can!!

Splutter!! Wheeeze!!

Thesaurus sitting on my desk

Me sitting in my chair

Lamp sitting over there

That’s a sitting demonstration!!

Fnar! Fnar!

Tape measure on my desk/loverboy

How long will i wait? A cm, An inch? How long will i wait?

Tape Measure: This long’ (extends itself to 45 cm)

That will teach me! Ha!

Push my buttons baby!

Said the keyboard!!! Snap!

Don’t push me around!

Said the mouse!

Left-click, Right click, Left-click, right! Shouted the sergeant major learning Word!

Up there, pointed the hedgehog, are the stars, the moon and the milky-way galaxy.

In my lunch box is a mars-bar replied the squirrel, but i dont go shouting about it.

‘The sublime’ is a new belgian chocolate bar by nestle rowntree cadbury

It aims to transcend the everyday, the mundane and the commonplace.

Don’t they all say that!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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