More horror…

Hello again reader!

Well its time i started thinking about boosting traffic to my blog. SEO, Email lists, Plugins etc. Well I am not that technical but perhaps…evil Muha ha ha!


There was once a girl who was top of her class and popular, not only with her schoolmates and teachers and parents and relatives but on facebook, twitter, Tumblr. In fact if there was anyone who could make a success of social media it was Alice. She had a knack for it. Lifestyle, fashion, drawing, poetry, shopping blogs. All were fabulous! It was a mystery really but Alice was the girl with the golden touch.

Her mother was frustrated. The washing machine had broken down and there was a full load on the floor, in the kitchen, another at the bottom of the stairs and all the laundry baskets were full. ‘The only way is up! Baby’. Sheila sang into the silent phone. She was on hold to the plumber. 

Her father was an academic, a lecturer at the local university. He was sitting down reading his mail while munching on a piece of toast – having breakfast.

Alice’s brother. A snotty nosed football fanatic in her eyes was eating kippers which he was very glad about getting for his breakfast, even if he thought they tasted slimy and smelt funny. They were grown-up food and he wasn’t getting one up on Alice, that was not his point. Being 13 he was old enough to spend his allowance on what he had for breakfast. That was the point.

There was another participant at breakfast, three others in fact, but they were not ordinary. They were invisible to all except to Alice.

‘Keep your hair on,’

‘No way. I’m going into my greenhouse!’

‘You haven’t got a greenhouse!’

‘Not yet I haven’t!’

The third invisible participant oat breakfast did not seem interested in the conversation. He was smoking his vapour pipe, blowing rings up to the ceiling where they vanished into the air. 

‘Coding begins at line 1 to line 84. Copy and paste it.Up to the cloud. You know the routine.’

Alices eyes gleamed. Her fingers sped over the screen of her smartphone. She pressed ‘Upload to all,’ the upload bar filled and then the message came back ‘uploads complete’. Alice smiled to herself.

‘Always our pleasure Alice!’ said the apparition before vanishing leaving behind three vapour rings.


That sets the scene? Well its a start. Not that i have ever progressed past this point before…but you never know! Well what happens next? Who is the evil one? What evil will befall Alice? Or her mother, father, brother? Are the apparitions to be trusted? You will have to wait and see…I always wanted to say that. Thanks for dropping by. Sianara.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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